Celtic Manor was buzzing with activity today, with many members choosing to make an early start to the conference and take part in the pre-congress courses.

The Outpatient Diagnostic and Operative Hysteroscopy course was  packed with delegates benefiting from the opportunity for hands-on-training. The programme was put together and overseen by Mary Connor and Caryl Thomas, with Liz Bruen co-ordinating the pre-congress hysteroscopy course and integrated nurses programme.

The one-day workshop provided both theoretical knowledge and practical training to develop outpatient operative hysteroscopy skills. There were tips and tricks on how to set up an outpatient hysteroscopy suite, the equipment required and hands on training on both diagnostic and operative hysteroscopic procedures.

The opportunity to use different devices was a highlight for delegates. Karen Coombe, nurse hysteroscopist from Colchester said:

‘The best part of the day was playing with the instrumentation, learning how the devices work, really getting our hands on and using the equipment.’

Mary Connor was delighted with the success of the course, which they run regularly twice a year:

‘The delegates have been very responsive, enthusiastic and engaged. They’ve worked well with our excellent faculty.‘ Mary also emphasised her appreciation of the BSGE’s industry partners for their support, saying: ‘We could not have put this course together without the incredible support from industry. Paul Lewis and the team from Storz came to our rescue by providing extra equipment this morning. We also had great help from Hologic, Boston Scientific, Inovus Medical, Medtronic, Olympus, Lina, Mini Touch and June Medical.’