“The Handbook: Introducing Local Basic Laparoscopic Training”

RIGS have developed “The Handbook: Introducing Local Basic Laparoscopic Training”. This document offers practical advice on incorporating a basic laparoscopic training programme into the weekly schedule and inspiring trainees to utilise these resources on their own accord.

The handbook is broken down into 6 simple steps and includes useful questionnaires and audit tools to capture the effect of introducing or altering an existing training programme. It is designed for anyone, from SHO through to Consultant, with an interest in improving laparoscopic training at their Trust. It is based on our own experiences and we hope it is a useful resource in improving training throughout the UK.

You can download RIGS Handbook by clicking here. 

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LapMapUK: Laparoscopic Training Opportunities

This interactive map details regional and local laparoscopic training opportunities including simulation equipment and training courses available and identifies laparoscopic trainers and useful contacts.

If you notice any incomplete information please notify your RIGS representative.

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