Sir Alec Turnbull was a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Oxford and a key figure in the development of minimally invasive surgery in this country.

Sir Alec saw the potential of endoscopic surgery, having observed Kurt Semm pioneering work in Germany. He chaired symposia to promote awareness and further the knowledge of laparascopic techniques, offering full use of his hospital’s facilities and providing support and guidance throughout.

Even though he was terminally ill, he attended every session as well as acting as host at the evening dinners. This was typical of his generosity and enthusiasm and of his encouragement of the development of new ideas.

Every year the BSGE organise a Sir Alec Turnbull lecture at the ASM in his honour.

1990 Professor Jacques Donnez, Hull

1991 Dr. Mickey Baggish, Northampton

1992 Professor Kurt Semm, Chertsey

1993 Dr Alain Audebert, Middleborough

1994 Professor Denis Querleu, Birmingham

1995 tbc Glasgow

1996 Professor Daniel F G Dargent, London

1997 Professor Franklin D Loffer, ESGE/BSGE

1998 Professor Jean-Bernard Dubuisson

1999 Professor Christopher Sutton, Plymouth

2000 Professor Kees Wamsteker, Leeds

2001 Professor Thierry Vancaille, Winchester

2002 Professor Michelle Nisolle, Portsmouth

2003 Dr Harry Reich, Glasgow (joint meeting)

2004 Mr Adam Magos, Dublin

2005 Mr John Dulemba, London, ISGE/BSGE

2006 Dr Olav Istre, Sheffield

2007 Dr Peter Maher, Birmingham

2008 Professor Hans Brolmann, Amsterdam, ESGE/BSGE

2009 Mr Anthony Smith, London

2010 Professor Jeremy Wright, Wirral

2011 Professor Ray Garry, London, ESGE/BSGE

2012 Mr Charles Koh, Cardiff

2013 Professor Peter O’Donovan, Brighton

2014 Professor Frank Willem Jansen, Norwich

2015 Professor Sian Jones, London

2016  Mr Alfred Cutner, Cornwall

2017  Professor Arnaud Wattiez, Hull

2018 Professor Fabio Ghezzi, Edinburgh

2019 Dr Shailesh Puntambekar, Celtic Manor, Newport

2021 Mr Ertan Saridogan, Virtual ASM

2022 Ms Mary Connor, Birmingham

2023 Ms Ranee Thakar, Manchester

2024 Mr Joseph Amaral, Belfast