Data for BSGE Accredited Endometriosis centres

Table below shows the annual number of cases of surgery for severe rectovaginal endometriosis undertaken in each centre.

This is defined as surgery that required dissection of the pararectal space.

Centre Name2013201420152016201720182019
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Endometriosis Centre18211818282825
Altnagelvin Area Hospital Endometriosis Centre-171413--11
Barts and the Royal London Endometriosis Centre13151518152315
Birmingham’s Endometriosis Centre-143030302819
Castle Hill Hospital Endometriosis Centre-362933382733
CEMIG Endometriosis Centre2548614865115125
Central Lancashire Endometriosis Centre-142213122114
Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust Endometriosis Centre23383617252734
Chester Endometriosis Centre-212325242123
Colchester Hospital Endometriosis Centre21241924353436
Cornwall Endometriosis Centre39413745444553
Croydon University Hospital Endometriosis Centre-182025292434
Dartford & Gravesham Endometriosis Centre------33
Derby Endometriosis Centres-----1315
Derriford Endometriosis Centre-----19
Dorset Endometriosis Centre14161515161615
Elland Hospital Endometriosis Centre15172213-1423
Endometriosis Care Oxford Endometriosis Centre-497479797876
Expect Edinburgh Endometriosis Centre-211525303626
Frimley Endometriosis Centre-----1616
Greater Glasgow & Clyde Endometriosis Centres-----2645
Guy’s & St Thomas’ Endometriosis Centre-162226332627 Endometriosis Centre-163619202729
Hampshire Endometriosis Centre23242329273428
Harley Street Endometriosis Centres-----2232
Homerton Endometriosis Centre--1223-3124
Imperial Endometriosis Centre18201323182217
James Cook University Hospital Endometriosis Centre-424555494040
Kings College Hospital Endometriosis Centre31173737554839
Lancashire Women’s Endometriosis Centre-181516181718
London Bridge Endometriosis Centre----161819
Luton & Dunstable Endometriosis Centre-141716252016
Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Endometriosis Centre26242328232224
Mid Yorkshire NHS Endometriosis Centre-211725293729
Midland Endometriosis Clinic---16241816
Norfolk & Norwich Endometriosis Centre-141930214647
North Bristol NHS Trust Endometriosis Centre23181320131520
North Middlesex Endometriosis Centre-141612292123
North Tees and Hartlepool University Hospitals Endometriosis Centre---13151519
London North West University Endometriosis Centre-252429295054
North West Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis Centre-171619-2936
Pennine Endometriosis Centre-171619233533
Peterborough Endometriosis Centres-----1824
Queens University Hospital Endometriosis Centre--1914131622
Royal Free Hospital Endometriosis Centre----313743
Sheffield Endometriosis Centre-151917121215
Southern Endometriosis Centre Portsmouth15232847436461
St Michael’s University Hospital BRISTOL Endometriosis Centre17322215151312
Stockport Endometriosis Centre-161433273338
The Northern Endometriosis Team Endometriosis Centre-201425-3024
The Royal Stoke University Hospital Endometriosis Centre-203834253341
The Whittington Hospital Endometriosis Centre----14-12
UCLH Endometriosis Centre38626749534846
University Hospital of Wales Endometriosis Centre-222628556768
Whipps Cross University Hospital @ Barts Health Endometriosis Centre-212432-2818
Wirral University Teaching Hospital Endometriosis Centre43475848495582
Worcester Endometriosis Centre--4860576067
York Teaching Hospital NFT Endometriosis Centre----141213

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