The British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (BSGE) offers financial support to its members through a series of Awards and Bursaries. To achieve equal access, awards are dedicated to applicants in specific categories; Senior members (Consultants, SAS doctors and GP Hysteroscopists), Doctors in training, Nurses and Paramedics. All have conditions for application.

Please be aware that BSGE will not accept applications to attend any BSGE linked meeting or course and overseas conferences, including the GESEA course and certification in UK or abroad. If in doubt, please email before submitting your application

The current awards available are:

BSGE Alan Gordon Travelling Fellowship – Click Here to Apply

BSGE Travelling Fellowship and Bursaries for Consultants, SAS doctors and GP Hysteroscopists – Click Here to Apply

BSGE Travelling Fellowship and Bursaries for Doctors in Training – Click Here to Apply

BSGE Travelling Fellowship and Bursaries for Nurses and Paramedics – Click Here to Apply

BSGE Clinical Research Grant – Click Here to Apply


Bursaries are awarded annually to support education in Gynaecological Endoscopy. The Bursaries are open to individuals who meet the following eligibility criteria:

• Doctor, nurse or paramedic currently employed in the UK
• A current member of the BSGE
• Remain a member of the BSGE for duration of Bursary
• Funding to support up to 50% of the education costs can be awarded to successful applicants.


Successful applicants will receive up to 50% of the education costs (if the course fees is more than £1000) for one year of the course being studied. Funding must be applied for prospectively, but the money will only will be released to the applicant retrospectively following successful completion of the module or course work in the year of allocation. Although applications for a bursary will be considered prior to acceptance onto the chosen course, the bursary will only be paid if the application is successful. If the applicant is unsuccessful the award will expire. We run 2 rounds of applications for awards and bursaries for each year every 6 months apart from Alan Gordan Travelling Fellowship (only once a year). This will considerably improve the access and chances to win a travel fellowship or a bursary throughout the year. Please carefully read the terms and conditions under each online application.

Repeat applications can be made for successive years if the applicant has successfully passed all course components in the previous academic year. The applicant must make clear what is being undertaken within the year of application, as some courses vary in the number of modules, or components, which can be completed within one year.

The award will be to fund education for the subsequent academic year, it is expected that the applicant will complete the proposed number of modules within the academic year. If the expected work is not completed without good reason then future applications are unlikely to be successful.

Applicants must only apply for funding for education that can be completed within the academic year. Application for funding for more than can be completed within one year will be considered an issue of probity and may reduce the chance of success in any further applications.


The applicant must complete the educational activity for which the bursary was awarded within the academic year of the award. All modules must be passed or funding will be forfeit, and the bursary will end. Applicants must submit a quarterly update of progress to the BSGE secretariat, so their funding case file can be updated.

Payment will be reimbursed to the candidate on receipt of copy invoice from the course organiser along with proof of successful completion of course module/content or dissertation. These details should be sent to the BSGE Secretariat.

Acceptable delay

There may be reasons to prevent course/module completion, such as illness, maternity leave or for compassionate reasons. If the successful applicant is unable to complete the expected course work, they must inform the chairman of the awards committee, via the BSGE Secretariat, before approaching the deadline for claims and a decision will be made about whether or not to carry the award over to the next year. If you fail to notify within the duration of the award, requests for extensions will not be considered.


Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

Proven gynaecological endoscopic surgical training and/or clinical experience demonstrated by participation in relevant educational activities.

Involvement in relevant audits, QIPs, research, publications and teaching/training projects related to gynaecological endoscopic surgery/Endometriosis.

Value to personal and NHS development following completion of the course or the travel fellowship.

The Awards sub-committee will sit in March and September each year. For closing dates please see individual awards above. Successful applicants will be notified by email within 6 weeks of closing date.

Next round of applications will close on 16th September 2024.