The role of the BSGE is to set standards, produce guidelines, promote training and encourage the exchange of information in gynaecological endoscopic surgery.

We have developed a national accreditation process that we believe enhances the delivery of care for women suffering with severe (rectovaginal) endometriosis. To become an accredited centre certain criteria have to be met, which are clearly described on the BSGE website ( This includes a minimum number of complex cases to ensure sufficient surgical experience is available, a key core team that demonstrates multidisciplinary involvement, and the submission of an annual exemplar video. Audit and accreditation is an annual occurrence so workload, along with the other criteria, must be maintained for accreditation to be maintained.

The accreditation process whilst being a key contributor to a clinical governance framework, does not regulate or provide close quality assurance of individual surgical practice, or act as an absolute guarantee or arbiter of ongoing appropriate of safe practice. Such monitoring and assessment remains under the jurisdiction of local governance processes as well as  regulatory bodies (such as Care Quality Commission, NHS England and the General Medical council).

If you wish to become a fully Accredited BSGE Centre, you will need to apply to be a provisional centre first. In December of your application year, the data from your unit will be audited and if they meet the criteria your unit will become and accredited Centre subsequently. Please download the application form for Provisional Centre status and submit it to the BSGE Secretariat. If you require further details or wish to discuss your application please email the chairman, Mr Arvind Vashisht, via the BSGE Secretariat at 

Download the application form for BSGE Provisional Endometriosis Centre

Please use form below to add or delete information to your existing BSGE Endometriosis Centre.

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