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BSGE RIGS HUB National Training Programme

The BSGE are excited to open applications for the 2022/2023 BSGE RIGs Hub National Training programme. This a centralised, standardised BSGE programme, that is delivered through a series of hands on workshops at laparoscopic hubs within each deanery and online webinars. Each workshop will be facilitated by RIGs regional representatives, along with a BSGE faculty within each hub. There are 3 programme streams (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) and the content aligns with the requirements of the core RCOG curriculum.

Training will commence in July 2022 for all streams. This year we have changed the programme so that all streams will be delivered in one day. If you are successful in gaining a place on the programme you are required to book study leave as follows:

July 19th 2022- Agenda can be downloaded by click here.
September 14th 2022
November 8th 2022

Full programme details with timings of sessions can be found below. Once we have confirmed your application to the programme was successful we will be able to confirm the location within your region where the training will take place.

Delegates will be informed of their place week beginning 30th May 2022.

All applicants for the programme must be BSGE members.

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Click Here to view a list of regional representatives and their contact details

Donna Ghosh (BSGE Chair for Laparoscopic Training)
Jessica Preshaw, CP Lim, Angharad Jones & Helene Hoyte (BSGE Laparoscopic Training Sub-committee)
Mikey Adamczyk & Lina Antoun (BSGE Trainee Representatives)
BSGE RIGs Hubs National Training Programme Committee

Important Information


  • All applicants must be BSGE members at the time of application.
  • All trainees are eligible to apply whether or not a national training number (NTN) with the RCOG is held.
  • All trainees should be based in the UK or Northern Ireland.
  • If a trainee is approaching CCT it is recommended that the programme is completed within 6 months of their CCT date.
  • Applicants on maternity leave or out of programme will be eligible to apply.
  • If you have completed a programme stream in 2021/22 you are eligible to re-apply to the same stream.

Selection Criteria

  • Those who applied in 2021 who were not offered a stream will be offered a place this year if they complete registration and meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Trainees who have not completed the programme stream will be prioritised above those who have already completed a stream.
  • Trainees are applied, as default, to the stream appropriate to their training level (ST1/2 = Basic, ST3-5 = Intermediate, ST6/7 or completing ATSMs = Advanced).
  • NTN in clinical post are selected above NTN in a current research post.
  • Non-NTN trainees doing ATSMs are selected above Non-NTN not doing ATSMs.
  • Where a trainee has requested to enter a lower programme stream, and spaces permit, they are applied to their requested lower stream.
  • Trainees cannot apply to a higher stream that their level of training at time of application. If you apply to a higher stream than your training position your application will be void.
  • The higher training level is prioritised a place within a stream where it is oversubscribed (e.g. ST7 above ST6 etc) as lower training levels in each stream have further opportunity to apply within their stream in subsequent years.
  • If all trainees are at the same level, selection is made by those who completed a previous stream and then by earliest application.
  • If a trainee does not get a place in their default stream, they are offered a place in the lower stream (if there are sufficient spaces available in the lower stream to accommodate them).
  • ATSMs are used to select trainees in the advanced stream where it is oversubscribed in this order Advanced laparoscopy, BAS, sub spec gynae, Acute gynae, oncology, other.

Recording of RIGS HUB Webinar held on 9th May 2022 is available to view by clicking here.

Programme Schedule

May 9thIntroductory webinar for trainees
May 12thApplications open
May 23rdApplications close
Week beginning May 30thDelegates informed of place
July 19th (Tuesday)Basic (B1) 0900-1130
Intermediate (I1) 1200-1430
Advanced (A1) 1500 - 1730
August 10thWebinar 1 (all streams) 1800-2000
September 14thIntermediate (I2) 0900-1130
Advanced (A2) 1200-1430
Basic (B2) 1500 - 1730
October 11thWebinar 2 (all streams) 1800-2000
November 8th (Tuesday)Advanced (A3)
Basic (B3)
Intermediate (I3)
December 13thWebinar 3 (all streams) 1800-2000

* Dates TBC allowing for venue booking and faculty recruitment


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