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BSGE RIGS HUB National Training Programme – Faculty

We are excited to soon be commencing the 2022/23 BSGE RIGs Hub National Training Programme.

This year we have allocated nearly 300 trainees to hubs throughout the UK. The practical training will take place over 3 days in 2022. The dates are July 19th, September 14th and November 8th 2022. Sessions will run from 09.00-17.30.

Please note:

  1. You can apply to become faculty for one, two or three full days of the programme (faculty who commit to at least 2 full days will be eligible for free registration at the ASM in Manchester 2023).
  2. The course will be run through regional hubs within all deaneries but the venue has yet to be confirmed.
  3. The sessions will involve teaching basic, intermediate and advanced level laparoscopic skills, at each session, so we expect that all faculty are experienced in laparoscopic suturing.
  4. Trainees (ST6 and above) are eligible to apply to facilitate on the basic stream but will be required to be present for the whole day for indirect support of teaching.
  5. We will allocate on a first come, first serve basis in the event of oversubscription.
  6. No preparation for teaching is required by faculty in advance of the sessions as tutorials/ lectures will be delivered virtually by the central BSGE faculty.
  7. The programme for each day will soon be available on the BSGE website.
  8. All faculty should be BSGE members.
  9. Certificates of faculty attendance will be issued at the end of the programme.

Please contact the BSGE RIGs representative in your region for further details (view regional reps here) or contact

If you are interested in becoming faculty for the BSGE RIGs Hub National Training Programme please complete the online form below.

We hope you become part of the BSGE RIGs Hub National Training Programme!



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