The newly formed Registrars in Gynaecological Surgery group (RIGS) is moving from strength to strength. Following the inaugural session held at the ASM in Cornwall the group now has a new logo, lots more information on the trainee section of the website and they’re increasing the group’s reach and responsiveness.

BSGE Trainee Representatives, Fevzi Shakir and Donna Ghosh told the Scope that they were keen to represent the views and opinions of members by appointing regional trainee reps. These will play an integral role within RIGS and the BSGE to provide useful feedback and opinions which can hopefully in time be incorporated into training.

Regular meetings will take place together with the BSGE trainee representatives and all regional reps will feature on the website and actively participate with the evolution and development of RIGS.

The process of selecting trainee regional reps is starting now. The following deaneries will each have a representative, anyone who is interested should provide a brief biography together with a photo of and the name of the region you would like to represent.

1. London
2. Kent, Surrey & Sussex
3. Wales
4. Ireland
5. Scotland
6. Wessex
7. North West
8. North East
9. West Midlands
10. East Midlands
11. South West (Peninsula & Severn)
12. Yorkshire and Humber

A RIGS regional trainee rep can can be of any level (ST1-ST7) but must be a member of the BSGE. But don’t worry, it’s not too late to get on board, if you are not already a member you can apply at the same time as this application.

If you have any further questions, please contact Fevzi and Donna.