The BSGE is running a Symposium on Modern Management of Fibroids. This joint RCOG/BSGE Meeting will take place on 4 November, 2016 at the college.

Course organisers Thomas Ind and Tyrone Carpenter told the news team that the meeting will offer plenty to interest and challenge BSGE members. It will cover a range of diagnostic and therapeutic issues concerning fibroids. The course is lecture based, with topics including current and future developments in hysteroscopic and laparoscopic procedures, fertility, a recap of the basic science, the medical management and radiology.

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To summarise the learning objectives, the course will help you to:
Understand the current issues in modern management of fibroids
Understand the investigations available and when they are best utilised
Understand the benefits and disadvantages of medical, radiological and surgical therapies
Learn about new hysteroscopic methods and the concerns regarding fibroid morcellation

All that and you can claim 7 CPD credits for full attendance at the meeting.