Gillian Smith, BSGE Nurses and Paramedics Portfolio Chair put out a call for BSGE members interested in advising The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) on Hysteroscopic Sterilisation. She told the news team:

“The Interventional Procedures Programme forms part of NICE, through the Interventional Procedures Advisory Committee. They develop guidance on whether interventional procedures are safe enough and work well enough for use in the NHS.

The Committee takes advice from Specialist Advisors nominated by professional bodies with members who are involved in the use of interventional procedures.

Specialist Advisors play a valuable part in shaping recommendations, assisting the Committee by providing informed opinion regarding the safety and efficacy of new interventional procedures. Without their advice we are unable to present procedures to the Committee.

The committee require clinicians who perform hysteroscopic sterilisation to provide a specialist opinion.

It is very important that we support this process, so I would urge anyone who feels able, to participate”

There is a NICE Interventional Procedure Advisory Meeting being held on Thursday 13 October 2016. If you are interested in learning more, provide your contact details to Atia at bsge@rcog.org.uk by Monday, 26th September.