The BSGE and RCOG Meeting on Benign Abdominal Surgery: Open and Laparoscopic, took place at the College this week.

The meeting was a huge success, with the practical Hands on Training day proving to be a particular hit with attendees.It was the first time the BSGE has run a dedicated practical day on the Benign Surgery course. With eighty delegates and four parallel training rooms developing different skills through the use of simulation technology, it was an extraordinary achievement in organisation and co-ordination.

BSGE and RCOG members and trainees on the Benign Abdominal Surgery: Open and Laparoscopic ATSM, developed their psychomotor skills, the use of energy, suturing and management of the stack. With the GMC now advocating that simulation should be a mandatory part of surgical training, the BSGE really is ahead of the game. Sallie Nicholas, head of the Joint Committee of Surgical Training said that “If you’re looking at patient safety then we think there’s a very strong link between simulation and patient safety.”

Course Organiser Sameer Umranikar agrees, saying that the HOT courses “Offer participants the chance to get their hands dirty and develop the psychomotor skills that are so important in a competent laparoscopic surgeon.”


BSGE President Dominic Byrne congratulated Sameer and co-organiser Saikat Banerjee as well as BSGE Meetings Convenor Ertan Saridogan on the success and smooth running of the course, saying’

This is just one example of how the quality and reputation of the BSGE continues to grow and it is thanks to the hard work of individual council members and volunteers from our membership.

You’ll be able to read more about the course in the next issue of The Scope.