Voting for the BSGE Council Elections is now open, so make sure you exercise your constitutional rights.

This year the BSGE will elect a new Vice President. Sanjay Vyas will move up to the role of President of the BSGE and Dominic Byrne will stand down after completing two very successful two years as President. Mark Whittaker has completed his term as Honorary Secretary, so this post is also up for election. There are also positions available for a senior representative and a trainee representative.

Now for the techy bit:
The BSGE uses a single transferrable vote system using the ‘weighted Gregory Method’. The ballot paper asks for your choice in order of preference. Your first choice should be the person you want to elect and subsequent choices are people you would accept for the position, in order of preference. You don’t need to vote for all candidates, so don’t vote for anyone who you do not wish to be elected, as these votes will still be used and could affect your first choice.

You may only submit one ballot form, and once submitted it cannot be changed. Find out more on the BSGE Voting 2018 website.

If you’re still considering the candidates, there will be a full list of all nominees, together with their photos, in the next issue of The Scope, out on Tuesday, April 11th. The closing date and time for voting is Friday, 27th April 2018 at 5 pm.

The results will be announced at the BSGE Annual General Meeting 2018 which will be held on 10th May at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh.