Individual unit data is now available for the BSGE Hysteroscopy Satisfaction Study. President Justin Clark announced the development saying:

‘Did you or your unit contribute data to the national BSGE standardised outpatient hysteroscopy satisfaction survey (OPH-PSS) in Oct/Nov 2019? If so then please email Atia Khan at Please state your name, job description, base hospital and email address and Atia will send you your the data analysed from your hysteroscopy unit. The overall data to benchmark against is presented in the published EJOG paper doi: 10.1016/j.ejogrb.2021.01.028 and the descriptive data has the comparative national data enclosed with it.’

Justin emphasised that the team have only analysed individual data for units submitting more than ten cases. He added:

‘Thank you for taking the time to participate in this important project. In light of feedback received through the Ambulatory Care Network (ACN) meetings (2020 and 2021) we have updated the BSGE patient satisfaction survey. The changes are not major.

‘Going forward I would encourage you to use this standardised tool (survey) to continue to monitor, quality assure and improve your services. I envisage this would be done periodically by individuals or better still units as a whole. Some may choose to collect data routinely.

‘Many thanks once again for your help. Within two months we generated more than 5000 hysteroscopic procedures, which shows the power of our ACN.’

The updated survey is  available to download from the BSGE website for members planning to give paper copies. The survey is also available electronically though BSGESICS. Once you have completed the hysteroscopic procedure information and submitted, you will get the opportunity to open electronically the patient satisfaction survey and can ask the patient to complete electronically. The advantage of this approach is that the data is automatically inputted and subsequently available on an excel spreadsheet for you to analyse later.

The Society is making a specific page on the BSGE website for the Ambulatory Care Network and will include all this information, including downloads on that page shortly. Watch this space.