The Registrars in Gynaecological Surgery group are recruiting for a new trainee rep for the East of Scotland. Anyone interested in the role should email BSGE at with a brief biography, a summary of why you wish to represent your deanery and  a photo. 

Trainee regional reps play an integral role within the BSGE and the RIGS (Registrars in Gynaecological Surgery) group. They provide useful feedback and opinions, which can be incorporated into training. All regional reps feature on the website and actively participate in the evolution and development of RIGS, providing a support network to BSGE trainee members in the deaneries.

The RIGs regional rep is a key link between trainees and the BSGE; it is important for reps to be proactive and accessible to ensure trainees have the best experience. Reps are required to provide quarterly written updates on training opportunities within their deanary and volunteer to help with BSGE trainee activities such as courses or webinars. If a RIGS regional rep fails to engage with the responsibilities of their role, they will forfeit their position.

A RIGS regional trainee rep can be of any level (ST1-ST7 or SAS doctor) but must be a fully paid member of the BSGE.

BSGE Trainee Council Representatives Angharad Jones and Mikey Adamczyk encouraged members to get involved. The deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday 20th September 2021