The BSGE together with RCOG and BGCS have revised the guidance for the management of abnormal uterine bleeding in the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which was originally published on 30/03/20 and updated on 31/03/20).


BSGE President Justin Clark wrote to all members of the Society saying:


‘The original aim of our Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB) statement was to aid our members in safely managing patients whilst mitigating the risks posed by the Coronavirus pandemic. As we now move into a new phase of the pandemic, we have updated our guidance to cover the reinstatement of gynaecological services for the assessment and management of AUB.’


The BSGE, RCOG and BGCS  worked in partnership to produce guidelines for the management of women with abnormal uterine bleeding. The guideline can be found in the guideline section of the website or by clicking


Justin encouraged members to digest, discuss and share the guidelines amongst colleagues involved in the management of AUB, he said:


‘The initial iteration of our AUB guidance was well received for its clarity and evidence-based approach. We have aimed to build upon this original statement, continuing to recognise the links between primary and secondary care, and providing relevant guidance as we begin the restoration of gynaecological services.’