The BSGE handed out £1450 in prizes at the Annual Scientific Meeting in Cornwall. This year’s ASM had a record number of delegates for a meeting outside London and the high level of engagement and involvement was reflected in the abstract entries. The awards for video, oral, poster and video poster presentations were all hotly contested, with the judges extremely impressed with the overall standard.

In the oral presentation category Zahid Khan won gold and the £200 prize for his abstract asking if animal models are superior to virtual reality simulation. Mehrnoosh Aref-Adib and Chou Phay Lim took the silver and bronze awards.


Fevzi Shakhir was presented with the gold for his video presentation of a combined laparoscopic, vesicoscopic and vaginal repair of a vesico-vaginal fistula. Fellow BSGE council trainee representative Donna Ghosh followed him in silver, with Ryan Hogan taking the bronze award.


Tom Holland won £150 and the gold prize for his video poster on ultrasound diagnosis and three techmiques for the laparoscopic treatment of interstitial ectopic pregnancy, with George Goumalatsos and Richard Keedwall also receiving plaudits for their silver and bronze winning presentations.

In the final section, Katerina Efstathiou collected gold and £100 for the poster presentation ‘Diagnostic Laparoscopy is not indicated in young adults with normal findings at examination and on ultrasound scan. Completing the awards were Zahid Khan and Liz Bruen winning silver and bronze.