The BSGE has developed a patient satisfaction survey for women having outpatient hysteroscopy. The questionnaire was developed from existing surveys from Society members across the UK and with patient involvement. It aims to offer greater insight and understanding into the experiences of women undergoing the procedure.

The BSGE wants every member to give the questionnaire to every woman undergoing an outpatient hysteroscopy DURING THE MONTH OF OCTOBER (1ST-31ST inc). The questionnaire is anonymous with no patient identifiable information and should be given immediately following the procedure, once the consultation has finished.

It is important that every woman having an outpatient hysteroscopy is given the questionnaire regardless of whether the procedure failed, was painful, was operative or had any complications. The Society needs ‘warts and all’ information from consecutively collected data. The survey results will then be collated to provide averages and ranges to allow benchmarking. This means that in the future when you use the survey, e.g. for a particular month in the year, you can assess your individual or Unit practice against national data, in order to inform job appraisals or hospital audits.

Members can download the BSGE patient satisfaction survey by clicking here. It is anticipated that the questionnaires will be printed off and given to your patients following outpatient hysteroscopy.

To help the BSGE collate the data nationally, there is a web-based data entry link where you can input the data from the completed hard copy questionnaires.

Members that do not have the time or resources to input their data using the link should send the completed questionnaires to:

Prof T Justin Clark, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Mindelsohn Way, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TG. 

It would be helpful if you could provide name of your Unit / Hospital when you return the surveys as hard copies for us to input so we can get an idea regarding the representativeness of the data we produce. Rest assured that data WILL NOT be analysed by centre. 

I will then collate the data and provide the benchmarking metrics via email and the BSGE website. We will also present the results at the next BSGE Ambulatory Care Network (ACN) Meeting (Birmingham, 27-28 February, 2020).

Many thanks for your help with this important project.

Outpatient Hysteroscopy – Patient Satisfaction Survey can be download here.