In early 2017 the BSGE carried out the first survey of members. The detailed research, carried out by past BSGE Treasurer Thomas Ind aimed to help the Society gain a greater understanding of opinion and satisfaction with the BSGE and all its functions and roles.

BSGE President Dominic Byrne said ‘This is the first survey we’ve done. It has proved very informative and we’re delighted with the feedback it offers for future strategy and direction.’

Some 1150 members were canvassed for opinion through an online monkey survey, with a response rate of around 20%. From bursaries to guidelines, conferences to communications, the replies offered an insight into the things that members value in the BSGE.

Overall the survey results were extremely positive. The members who answered felt that the guidelines, the awards and bursaries and the education and networking opportunities that meetings like the ASM offer were among the most important parts of the BSGE’s role. There was also wide support for continued access to the Journal of Gynaecological Surgery, ongoing association with ESGE and the AAGL as well as interest in developing international membership opportunities. The Society has already started to build on the strengths and is working to improve transparency, communication and member engagement.

The Society exists for the benefit of members. The Council felt that although the survey was very encouraging, it is only by continuing to promote feedback and debate that the BSGE can plan for an even stronger future.

Members can access the all the facts, figures and findings of the survey here. If you’re looking for a little more insight and opinion, there will be a report highlighting some of the key areas in the next issue of The Scope, which will be published at the beginning of December.