Heavy menstrual bleeding is one of the most common symptoms requiring investigation and treatment in both primary and secondary care. The BSGE is presenting an all-day meeting for all healthcare professionals involved in the care of women with heavy menstrual bleeding. The conference will take place at RCOG on Friday, 7th December 2018 and will reflect best practise and the implications of the new NICE guidelines.

The NICE HMB Guideline was first produced in 2007. This year it was substantially revised in line with recent innovations and the accumulated evidence. BSGE members were involved in reviewing the updated guideline which was first published in February, 2018. Some of the new recommendations are considered controversial and the guideline will impact on clinical practice in both primary and secondary care.


The meeting includes a range of speakers: Some who contributed to the guideline, some who criticised it and others who have provided major contributions to the scientific literature in heavy menstrual bleeding.

The meeting could benefit general practitioners, gynaecology consultants, trainees and community gynaecologists. Anyone interested in attending can view the provisional programme here., and register by clicking here.