Plans are developing for the 2020 BSGE bike ride to Manchester. The challenge will take place ahead of the ASM and will raise money for the important work of Endometriosis UK.


#TeamEndo is in the process of finalising the route to Lancashire. The ride will cover 220 gruelling miles over just two days. Organiser Lufti Shamsuddin said:

So far we have 10 committed souls (BSGE & Industry members) to this cause, each ready to burn their legs as well as over 2500 calories each day to reduce their carbon footprint and attend the ASM.

Please make our efforts worthwhile, dig deep and input your long card number, expiry date and 3 digit security code on the website below. As in previous rides, all the monies go directly to Endometriosis UK. All costs and expenses associated with the ride are shared by the riders- along with the pain and prolapses that may come our way!  We all hope it will be worth it.’

The team fundraising page is on:


BSGE Cycle Team Endometriosis 2020 added:

‘We’d like to thank BSGE members in advance not only for this year’s donation, but also for the generous support for previous rides. We look forward to seeing you at the finish line!’