BSGE 2020 Elections are now closed.
The BSGE has launched Council Elections for 2020. President Sanjay Vyas announced the election saying:
Just when you thought all the elections were over – another one comes along!! Before you delete this e mail, let me tell you why this one is important. The BSGE is the pre-eminent specialist gynaecological society. We are the go-to organisation for national policy and decision makers, and it is essential that  our leadership is as strong and talented as possible.’
Members can find out more about who’s standing in the next issue of The Scope, which is out soon. You can also view the nominees here on the BSGE website    however, you will have to login to view the page and vote.
The Society has a vacancy for Vice President; the successful candidate will support Justin Clark in his Presidency and take over as President in 2022. There are also vacancies for four senior members of Council, a representative for nurse hysteroscopists, another for endometriosis clinic nurse specialists and one for trainees. Sanjay emphasised:
‘Each role is important, and I am delighted that we have so many talented individuals who want to contribute to the BSGE.’
It is a first past the post system for all posts. In this election this is only going to be of importance in the senior category where there are ten candidates standing and four vacancies. Each member is asked to vote for up to four candidates. Each vote has equal value, and the successful candidates will be the four with the highest number of votes. However, members that feel that they can only vote for one, two or three candidates in this category can still go ahead. Each vote will count and a ll members can vote for any candidate in any of the categories.
The closing date for voting is Wednesday, 18th March 2020 at 5 pm.If you need help with your login, please email
The results will be announced at the AGM in Manchester on 23rd April. Sanjay urged members to exercise their democratic rights, saying:
‘It will only take you a few minutes to vote – please do it now!’