The next webinar in the popular BSGE series is called ‘Endoscopic treatment for stress incontinence: My procedure should be first line!’ It will take place on Wednesday, 26th January 2022 6pm (UK time).

In the session, two of the UK’s leading urogynaecologists will discuss endoscopic approaches to stress urinary incontinence.

Rohna Kearney, Consultant Urogynaecologist Clinical Head of Gynaecology Division Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and Dudley Robinson, Consultant Urogynaecologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer King’s College London will debate the benefits of laparoscopic colposuspension and cystoscopic periurethral bulking. Angus Thompson and Matthew Izett-Kay will moderate the session.

Join the webinar to get an update on the evidence base, surgical tips and tricks, and patient selection. Register free on: