The BSGE has launched an introductory virtual session of the BSGE RIGS Hubs national training programme on Monday 25th January at 1830 via Zoom.

Mikey Adamczyk and Angharad Jones,BSGE Trainee Representatives, invited all trainee members to apply and to spread the word to friends and colleagues.

‘ This 90min webinar will:

  • Introduce trainees to the RIGS Hubs training programme
  • Describe what the programme involves, how it can support the RCOG curriculum, how to make the most out of the sessions
  • Familiarise trainees with their RIGS regional representatives for support in hands on gynaecology laparoscopy training locally
  • Provide a combination of theoretical and practical skills training tips as an introduction to the programme, to bridge the gap caused by the global pandemic

The Webinar will be facilitated by Angharad Jones, Mikey Adamczyk, Donna Ghosh and Jess Preshaw.

You can register for the sessiion here: