The sad, premature death of Victoria Wood stirred memories at the BSGE. Many years ago she performed a sketch in which she appeared as a nervous, giggly girl who was being interviewed for a place at medical school.

The interviewee’s love of Shakespeare, observation of the health risks of thick carpets and general cluelessness were funny for any observer but especially for medical students and doctors who had been through the interview process and no doubt also said some pretty stupid things during them.

This little film may be an inspiration for all members interviewing potential students!

And after that, a small confession: One of the BSGE’s editorial team actually was that giggly girl gushing about Shakespeare and enthusing about character building activities. Members of a certain age may have seen her in the BBC documentary ‘Doctors to Be’ that featured the interviews that Victoria Wood parodied so brilliantly. Thirty years later she is still embarrassed by her interview but also proud to have had any association, no matter how cringe-worthy with the late great comedienne.