The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is consulting on the safety and efficacy of Hysteroscopic removal of uterine fibroids with power morcellation as part of its Interventional Procedures Programme (IPP). The consultation is for four weeks and runs between Thursday 25 March 2021 and 5pm, Monday 26 April 2021. They launched the consultation saying:

‘We would be very pleased to receive any comments that you may have on our provisional recommendations and information on recently published literature not included in the procedure overview. If you would like to comment then please do so via our website.’

BSGE President Justing Clark encouraged BSGE members with an interest in hysteroscopic morcellation and especially Ambulatory Care Network (ACN) delegates to take part in the consultation:

I would very much value your comments on this NICE IPG of hysteroscopic morcellation.’

Through its guidance NICE is committed to promoting race and disability equality, equality between men and women, and to eliminating all forms of discrimination. One of the ways we do this is by trying to involve as wide a range of people and interest groups as possible in the development of our interventional procedures guidance. In particular, we aim to encourage people and organisations from groups who might not normally comment on our guidance to do so.

Members should note that NICE reserves the right to summarise and edit comments received during consultations, or not to publish them at all, where in the reasonable opinion of NICE, the comments are voluminous, publication would be unlawful or publication would otherwise be inappropriate.For more information about NICE’s IP programme you can visit