A selection of guidelines is available to members on the BSGE website. The guidelines cover subjects including consent, investigations and, of course, minimally invasive surgical procedures. The BSGE was involved with setting the general standards for hysteroscopic and laparoscopic procedures. These guidelines and best practice information have been finalised and are available for our members to download together with further useful information from NICE and the RCOG


Liza Ball and Hannah Wright


Hannah Wright and Neeraja Kuruba hard at work during a break at RCOG conference

Guidelines portfolio chair Liza Ball reported that she is currently hard at work with her team developing a laparoscopy in pregnancy guideline. A network of BSGE researchers are collaborating closely with the RCOG and the final guidelines should be submitted in September, following a peer review process.

Please continue to check the Guidelines and News sections of the website for updates on the release of new material.