BSGE SICS is a secure, cloud-based database system for all gynaecological endoscopies. It can be accessed securely through


Inputting the data is designed to be intuitive and user friendly. Post-operative data can be added at a later stage and there is a live-chat option for support and advice. All your data is safe, with a well-established and secure hosting service, data encryption at every stage and no patient identifiable data stored online.


It utilises the Amazon web services as its backbone which has proved to be internationally reliable and resilient. The information can be accessed from any device or smart-phone on the go and is designed to be intelligent, intuitive and adaptable. Users can generate reports based on safe appraisal and validation guidelines. Data can also be exported into an Excel spreadsheet for more sophisticated analysis.


BSGE SICS is a BSGE member exclusive benefit. Members can apply and will be approved by a council member before getting full access.


Click here to access the database now!