The BSGE is running a workshop designed to develop your hysteroscopy skills, both diagnostic and operative and to help you become familiar with operative hysteroscopic equipment.

The course will take place on June 9th and 10th at the Training and Technology Centre, KARL STORZ Endoscopy (UK) Ltd, Slough.

The course organisers Mary Connor, Stephen Burrell, Amelia Davison, Shilpa Kolhe and Nadine di Donato said that the course would benefit a range of professionals with an interest in minimal access gynaecology:

‘ The course can benefit trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology who are registered or who plan to register for either the ATSM in Benign Gynaecological Surgery: Hysteroscopy or Benign Abdominal Surgery: open and laparoscopic.

‘This workshop is suitable for those people who attended just the theoretical component but not a workshop in November 2021. Theoretical course will be offered again in November 2022.

‘The course can also enhance the hysteroscopic skills of Consultants, Staff Grade, Staff Doctors, Trust Doctors or Associate Specialists, Nurse Hysteroscopists and GPs with a special interest in gynaecology who wish to develop their hysteroscopy skills.’

What to expect

The workshop will be in two parts including rotation around a series of five stations each of 40 minutes’ duration using models and computer-simulated procedures. The topics to be covered are endometrial polypectomy using mechanical instruments with fine scissors, graspers and hysteroscopic tissue shavers; local anaesthetic simulation for cervical and fundal blocks; global endometrial ablation using non- hysteroscopic devices.

The other part of the workshop will consist of training in diagnostic hysteroscopy for the development of camera and hand-eye co-ordination skills; a session for case-based discussion following a video-quiz of various case studies and finally hands-on training for endometrial/fibroid resection skills.

Delegates can claim a maximum of seven CPD credits for attendance, and the course costs £220 for BSGE members and £325 for non-members. Find out more and register at: