Following the success of last year’s meeting, the 2017 joint BSGE/RCOG Benign Abdominal Surgery Meeting is now open for bookings. The course will run from September 18-20th at the College.

The meeting will focus on both theoretical and practical aspects of intermediate laparoscopic and open surgery. Two days of lectures will cover the basic theory required for benign gynaecological and adnexal surgery. During the practical part of the course you will gain an in-depth technical understanding of hysteroscopy – vaginal, open and laparoscopic.

The theoretical course will run over the first two days, on 18-19th September. The learning objectives will include:

– Learning the basic theory required for benign gynaecological surgery
– Completing the ATSMs: ‘Benign abdominal surgery: open and laparoscopic’ and/or ‘Advanced laparoscopic surgery for the excision of benign disease’
– Understanding the basis for the most commonly encountered procedures

The popular Hands-on practical course on Laparoscopic Psychomotor Skills, Suturing and Energy Modalities will run after the theoretical course on 20th September. Learning objectives include:

– Gaining hands on experience dealing with different practical aspects of laparoscopic surgery
– Developing psychomotor skills using LASTT and suturing techniques using SUTT
– Learning science of tissue management learning different energy modalities and its use in clinical practice
– Learning to use stack and the camera systems, media and develop short video clips of surgery
– Learning about the different instruments used in laparoscopic surgery

You can view the programme and book your place here