The Specialist Endometriosis and Hysteroscopy Nurse Conference 2017 ran in a dedicated room in Hull City Hall on Thursday, May 18th. More than 70 nurses attended and the auditorium was consistently packed, reflecting the development of the specialties and the value the meeting offers in education, debate and networking, as well as sharing experiences and offering support.

Local organiser, Tamara Wilson together with outgoing BSGE council member, Gill Smith compiled an agenda designed to respond to the specific needs and wishes of the delegates. Gill told the news team that the morning session aimed to be relevant to hysteroscopy and endometriosis advanced nurse practitioners. The programme included ways to define the specific roles, how to approach getting work published and presentations on current important papers and research findings. The sessions were all about fulfilling the CPD requirements and being relevant and interesting to both specialities.

Tammy told the news team that in the afternoon they used the central conference theme to try and answer the questions “Where are we now and where are we going?”

“We wanted a programme that would take endometriosis nursing forward and allow us to define and develop the role”

Sessions addressed the issues of consent, fertility, psychological interventions and a report on the recent BSGE survey on the Endometriosis CNS role.

As Gill observed, there was barely an empty seat in the room from the first welcoming words to the closing comments, which really tells you all you need to know about the success of the meeting.