During the Covid-19 pandemic the BSGE are running a series of free educational webinars. Following successful sessions on ‘Getting back to business’ the Society is launching its first webinar dedicated to endometriosis nurses.


The webinar is titled ‘ The impact of Covid-19- Reflections from an Endometriosis Nurse Specialist’ and will be held on 29/9/2020 at 6pm. The session will open with a brief introduction to the endometriosis subcommittee followed by an open Q and A session to discuss individuals’ experiences during the pandemic. We will explore the challenges and the positive experiences, and discuss where we are now.

Colleagues are invited to submit questions by email to bsge@rcog.org.uk prior to the webinar. Closing date to submit these is 18/9/2020. Announcing the session, Gilly Macdonald, BSGE Endometriosis Nurse Representative, said:

‘This will be the first webinar in a series of virtual educational meetings. Colleagues are invited to  join and contribute to this new way of providing an educational forum that we hope will be of value to us all.’

The Webinars are free for all (non-BSGE members are welcome).  Please click here to register.