The BSGE and the RCOG have released a joint statement on the safety of gynaecological laparoscopic procedures and COVID-19. BSGE President Sanjay Vyas said:

‘We have been aware of concerns about the transmission of COVID-19 to health care practitioners in the operating theatre during the recent emergency. The BSGE and RCOG have produced a joint statement which aims to be unambiguous and evidence based, as far is as possible with limited data.

‘I hope that you find it useful in your practice, at this difficult time. Inevitably, there will be rare and unusual circumstances that are not covered by this statement. If that is case, I would suggest that you use this statement as your basic template and then modify it according to the opinion of your own local clinical governance networks.’

The full statement was sent to all members on Thursday, March 26th. It can also be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Joint RCOG – BSGE Statement on gynaecological laparoscopic procedures and COVID-19

The College and the BSGE emphasised:

‘This statement has been produced rapidly to meet a need without undergoing the usual level of peer review scrutiny due to the current emergency. It does not form a directive but should be used by individual health care practitioners to inform their practice.’