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    There have been a lot of changes for trainees recently, especially for ST4+ with the imposition of the new contract. After over a year of industrial action, debate and protest, morale is low.

    However much we agree/disagree with the new contract, we have to live with it. Exception reporting is causing some heated discussion both within my unit and at a deanery level.

    Now that we have had a couple of months to digest it, I wonder how everyone else is finding the new contract and, in particular, what impact is it having on your training? For example, are you losing theatre/clinic time or feeling like there is a lack of inspiration within your department at the moment? Has it changed your career plans, e.g. no longer considering an OOP year in order to get CCT within the pay protection time?


    [email protected]

    Suzi – you can access local audit data of training impact by the BMA in your region by approaching them directly. From a trainees perspective you cant get in trouble for any form of exception reporting as it has an external auditor who decides whether it is exceptional or not, but even that decision making process is further audited to make sure its going fairly.


    MOst of the above questions will come up in national and speciality surveys too if thats any use?


    BW Jamie – ST6 O&G W0S

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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