It’s BSGE election time again. This year there are several positions up for election:

  • Vice President, who will after two years become BSGE President (1 vacancy)
  • Honorary Secretary (1 vacancy)
  • Senior Council Member (5 vacancies)
  • Senior Trainee Representative ST5-ST7 (1 vacancy)
  • Junior Trainee Representative ST1-ST4 (1 vacancy)

Each BSGE member will be able to vote for each position up for election. Members should vote for the person or persons that you wish to be elected. Positions will be awarded to the candidate with the highest number of votes.

Please note that your ballot form can only be submitted once, so you should be careful and ensure that you have selected the candidate or candidates you wish to vote for in each of the positions open for election. All submitted ballots are final and cannot be changed, any attempts to submit multiple votes will not be counted when calculating the final results.

 The important dates to remember:

Closing date for voting is Monday, 25th March 2024 at 5pm.

 Results will be announced at the BSGE 2024 Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 2nd May, 2024.

Check out the candidates and submit your vote at :