BSGE Surgical Video Competition 2022

We are now launching the BSGE Video Competition for Doctors in Training, Consultants, SAS doctors, General Practitioners, Nurses, paramedic members and the overseas members of the society. The overseas members of the society are invited to submit their surgical videos for this competition for the first time.

There will be 3 prizes of £300 for each category including,

1) Doctors in Training,

2) Nurse/Paramedics

3) Consultants/SAS doctors/GP doctors.

4) Overseas members (from any category).

Winning the Video competition will enhance your CV and will provide the same CPD points as publishing a paper in a journal.

To enter the competition you need to complete the following by midnight Monday 18th July 2022

  1. Complete and submit online application form by clicking ‘ENTER’ below.
  2. Once entered, follow provided instructions to upload your video file.
  3. Winner’s names and their videos will be published on the BSGE website. The length of time videos will remain on the website may vary. Some of the unsuccessful videos may also be published on the video library at the editor’s discretion.

What kind of Videos will be considered?

It is not all about demonstrating exceptional surgical skills. If you think your fellow members will find your video useful and educational, then it is a good video to submit. For example, a well-edited video of a salpingectomy for ectopic pregnancy that demonstrates the standard technique, shows the anatomy well, uses appropriate graphics and is accompanied by a well-written summary is a video that may win a prize.  Other examples include: demonstration of simple tips and tricks, complications and their management, challenging or rare cases, anatomical variations, demonstrating a new surgical equipment as well as more advanced techniques. Videos using simulators may also be submitted.

The description of the video is very important and is considered carefully by the judges. A well-written educational summary (less than 250 words) is likely to increase your score.

The video must be completely anonymised, both for the surgeon and the patient. It must only contain views of internal organs or a simulation exercise.

Please ensure that you have a good fast connection prior to commencing the submission process. Submitted surgical videos should be less 6 minutes long and less than 1 Gigabyte (GB) otherwise it will be rejected.

– All videos should be uploaded in mp4 format ONLY  

– If you have NOT received any confirmation email within two working days, please email If no action before the deadline will not result in shortlisting.

Whilst submission of multiple videos by the same person is permitted, (separate application forms need to be filled in for each submitted video).

Please note, only 1 prize per applicant can be awarded in each category.

Judging Process: The judging panel would consider the content of summary, surgical skills demonstrated, educational value and the quality of the surgical videos during scoring process. The panel will choose the winners based on the total scores and that will be the final decision.

Date for submission

Submission deadline- midnight 18 July 2022



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