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East of Scotland – Lauren McRoberts

I am an ST4 in the East of Scotland with a keen interest in all aspects of minimal access surgery and treatment of benign disease.

As a trainee representative for my deanery, I have a clear awareness of the challenges of training and access to surgical opportunities especially during the Covid pandemic. My hope is to help develop laparoscopic simulation training and provide better access to training opportunities for colleagues in my region.

West of Scotland – Laura Beatty

I am an ST7 within the West of Scotland. My main areas of interest are in advanced laparoscopy and endometriosis.

The emergence of the pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on gynaecology training. With ever increasing pressures from the RCOG for a focus on obstetric training and service provision, to the detriment of gynaecology, more than ever RIGS have a crucial role in supporting their trainees.

As regional representative for Scotland I aim to strengthen networks and communications between regions, share ideas and objectives, action these and optimise gynaecology training nationally.

Ireland – Fiona Reidy

I am currently a Fellow in Complex Benign Gynaecology at Tallaght University Hospital in Dublin. I have completed the Higher Specialist Training scheme in Ireland, working in several units around the country. During my training I also completed a Clinical Research Fellowship in Merrion Fertility Clinic at the National Maternity Hospital, Dublin.

My special interests are endometriosis and infertility. As RIGS regional rep for Ireland I hope to support trainees in Ireland and help provide more opportunities for training and learning in minimal access surgery.

Ireland – Rawia Ahmed 

My name is Rawia Ahmed and I am currently a fellow in minimal invasive gynaecology surgery in and I am completing my final year in the CESER pathway

The main focus of this fellowship is in benign gynaecology laparoscopy and operative hysteroscopy. Minimal access surgery has revolutionised patient care and is becoming an essential component of gynaecological training.

Throughout the course of my career I have always been heavily involved in teaching and now in my new role as BGSE representative in Ireland I endeavour to help all fellow minimal access surgical trainees in Ireland and improve their participation within the BGSE

Northern Ireland – Shaun McGowan

I am the current BSGE regional trainee representative for Northern Ireland.  I am an ST7 trainee having done the majority of my training within Northern Ireland.  I am currently out of programme as the Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Advanced Minimal Access Surgery under Mr. Andrew Kent at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford. I have a keen interest in minimally invasive surgery and endometriosis. As a trainee representative I am passionate about teaching and training, specifically tackling issues impacting on gynaecological surgical training.  I believe training in minimal access surgery is essential for the future treatment and management of gynaecological patients. The BSGE is foremost in the UK in improving standards, improving training and providing guidance in this area. As a representative I aim to promote the societies activities particularly those focused on our trainee members to a higher degree nationwide and within my region. I also aim to increase the presence and activities of trainees and consultants from my region within the society.

North East – Aiste McCormick

I am an ST6 trainee, undertaking ATSMs in Gynaecological Oncology and Vulval Disease. I have completed an NIHR ACF and CRUK Clinical Research Fellowship obtaining a PhD in translational ovarian cancer research. I am also a BSCCP accredited Colposcopist.

As the RCOG Trainees Representative for the North East and Chair of the Regional Trainees committee, I have a clear understanding of the challenges of training across the region, including, the complexities of training LTFT, of integrated academic training and the effects of COVID.

As the RIGs Regional Rep, my primary aim is to support minimal access surgery training in the North East, as well as to make a contribution to the committee.

Yorkshire and Humber – James Tibbott

I am currently ST7 working at Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital.

I am undertaking ATSMs in Advanced laparoscopic surgery and Advanced labour ward practice.

As well as endometriosis, my area of interest is laparoscopic simulation training where I am currently helping to develop a new simulation curriculum for the Yorkshire and Humber deanery.

Mersey and Northwest – Smitha George

I am currently ST6 at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport, Greater Manchester.

I am pursuing my ATSMs in Benign Gynaecology and Advanced Labour ward practice. I have keen interest in laparoscopic simulation training. I believe that a standardised curriculum and regular simulation training can, to a great extent, mitigate the disparity experienced in  Gynaecologic surgical training .

I have been a member of BSGE since 2019.  As the regional RIGs rep, my primary aim would be supporting my colleagues in the north west and Mersey region achieve a good standard of minimal access surgery training through the BSGE.

East Midlands – Subul Bazmi

I am currently an ST6 trainee in the Advanced Laparoscopy in Benign Gynaecology ATSM at the University Hospital of Derby and Burton NHS Trust. This is a tertiary referral centre and a registered Endometriosis Centre in East Midlands.

My area of interest is management of women with Endometriosis and Chronic Pelvic Pain. Minimal Invasive Surgery is an important surgical treatment modality for this cohort of women. I have done a retrospective cohort study researching the benefits of ovarian suspension in women with moderate to severe endometriosis in our unit. I am also organising a specialised multidisciplinary pain management team for women with Chronic Pelvic Pain.

I have been successful in being accepted at the “BSGE/ ETHICON LAPAROSCOPIC GYNAECOLOGY PROGRAM FOR ST5+.”

I am constantly expanding my vista in terms of training and BSGE has provided me with excellent opportunities to perfect my skills. I was also selected to attend the Webinar, “Complication Management in Gynaecological Oncology and Endometriosis.”

I am a faculty member of the Delta Centre at Royal Derby Hospital where regular laparoscopic training is conducted. I also partake in training my junior colleagues and medical students and organise local teaching sessions at our unit. We need to organise training and ensure that trainees can have maximum benefit from platforms like BSGE via their respective deaneries.

West Midlands – Sabrina Butt

I’m happy to take up the role as BSGE regional trainee representative for West Midlands. I’ll be ST6 in August and starting the Advanced Laparoscopy for Excision for Benign Disease ATSM at Worcester. I’m very keen to improve gynaecology surgical training in the region by improving access to laparoscopic simulation so we can make the most of our operating opportunities. As a member of the new deanery simulation faculty, I am championing the development and implementation of a regional laparoscopic simulation training programme.

I’ve been an active member of BSGE since 2018, benefitting from training opportunities including funding for a travel fellowship to a larger UK endometriosis centre with robotics and attending the recent excellent virtual ASM. The BSGE RIGS HUB National Training Programme is a great addition. As representative I hope to promote these opportunities to my colleagues and help develop and deliver new ones to support our training.

Wales – Monica Tryczynska

I am currently an ST4 and a clinical teaching fellow at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff with a keen interest in minimal access surgery and hysteroscopic procedures.  I am passionate about the management of fibroids and other pelvic masses and how these can present difficulties with regards to minimal access surgery.

I feel honoured to represent my colleagues and gynaecology trainees within the Wales Deanery.  I am particularly enthusiastic about encouraging the fantastic opportunities within the Wales Deanery and keen to tackle the ongoing geographical challenges that are present to us.

I am privileged to be able to unite my commitment to education and minimal access surgery by enhancing simulation training, which is more pertinent than ever given the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on surgical training opportunities. I will continue to strive to improve the delivery of minimal access training across the region.

Thames Valley – Ahmad El-Zibdeh

I am currently an ST6 at John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford University Hospitals

My main domains of interest are Minimal Access Surgery and Reproductive Medicine

I have completed a Clinical Research Fellowship post with University of Oxford and Oxford Fertility Unit.

While pursuing my ATSMs in Advanced Laparoscopic surgery and Advanced labour ward practice I am also the Endoscopic Simulation Trainee Representative for Thames Valley, I have organized simulation days workshops and hands on endoscopic training sessions.

I am passionate about training and education and I am looking forward to supporting my colleagues achieve a good standard of endoscopic surgery training through the BSGE.

East of England – Babu Karavadra

I am an ST3 trainee in the East of England. Recently, I returned to training after taking three years out of programme as a Clinical Research Fellow in Norwich to complete a PhD in endometriosis. As the regional academic representative for the East of England and the regional UK-ARCOG representative, I am keen to expand my education and leadership role nationally. I am a dedicated and enthusiastic trainee who will work collaboratively with others to ensure that trainees are represented equally and fairly.

Having taken time out of training at an early stage of my career, I have realised the importance of being involved in basic laparoscopic training early on. I have extensive experience in the delivery and development of medical education. After successfully applying for £6000 of funding, I initiated and designed two teaching videos for gynaecology trainees in the deanery (diagnostic laparoscopy and Caesarean section). In addition, through successfully obtaining £5000 from the Endometriosis Millennium Fund, I conducted a pilot research study and developed a regional patient information video on endometriosis.

Currently, as part of my PGCert in Medical Education, I hope to develop a free basic laparoscopy course in our region. I will work with trainers and trainees to ensure that the issues affecting us are highlighted and tackled by those who can influence change. For me, this role is about improving training: ensuring balance between service provision and education, standardising opportunities for trainees and ensuring individual voices are heard.

London – Sarah Wali

I am currently a ST5 trainee in Northwest London. My main interests are endometriosis and fibroids and I hope to achieve an endometriosis fellowship and register for the ATSM in advanced laparoscopic surgery for the excision of benign disease.

I have been attending the BSGE conference throughout my training years presenting oral, video and poster presentations on topics of interest to an engaged and friendly audience. I find the environment of the conference energetic and the interaction with colleagues with similar interests highly enjoyable.

I am a practical and hands on person and strive to promote the excellent training opportunities that BSGE has to offer to colleagues in my deanery.


London – 2nd position vacant

Wessex – Lauren Standing

I am an ST7 currently working at Royal Hampshire County Hospital.

I am undertaking the Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery and Advanced Labour Ward practice ATSMs and was fortunate to gain a place on the BSGE Ethicon Advanced Training Programme last year.

As well as minimal access surgery, I am passionate about medical education. I am an O&G Education Fellow in Wessex and hold the role of Simulation lead. I am looking forward to combining both of these passions in my role as BSGE RIGS representative.

South West – Parveen Kuma Verasingam

I am completing my advanced laparoscopy training in Cornwall. My interest lies in all aspects of laparoscopic gynaecological procedures and simulation training . I am also completing my MD postgraduate research in application of Virtual Reality technology in Laparoscopy surgery. I hope to be able to spread the ethos of BSGE in the South West region.

Kent, Surrey, Sussex – Michael Adamczyk

I am currently an ST6 undertaking the advanced laparoscopic surgery (benign disease) ATSM in St Peter’s Hospital, Center for Endometriosis and Minimally Invasive Gynaecology, Chertsey. I am the HEKSS trainee representative for laparoscopic training and a member of BSGE, ESGE, ISGE, ISON.


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