Nurses & Paramedics

Wendy-Rae Mitchell
BSGE Nurse and Paramedic representative

In the Nurse and Paramedic portfolio I work together with a team to define and develop the roles of Endometriosis Nurses and Nurse Hysteroscopists and to represent the interests of nurses and paramedics on BSGE Council. I am very fortunate to work alongside my subcommittee members Deb Panes and Caroline Bell, who contribute enormously to the portfolio. In the future, we would like to attract and develop paramedic involvement within the Society and within the portfolio, everyone has a contribution to make.

We are currently working with the Royal College of Nursing on their document review panel. We are hoping to bring out the latest CNS job description for Endometriosis Nurses, including expectations of the role from the BSGE, the Royal College and Endometriosis UK. There is still a great deal of variation in the number of hours that CNS nurses are employed for in post, with some being employed full time and others for only a few hours a week, so there is a lot of work to be done in debating this issue.

We are also creating endometriosis documents for use in the community. These will provide guidelines, increase awareness of endometriosis and signpost endometriosis patients towards specialist Endometriosis Centres.

In Nurse Hysteroscopy, Caroline is working very hard with the team in Bradford to develop training, accreditation and revalidation. We hope to continue work in this area at the nurse training day at the next ASM.


Our Cardiff and North hosts Helen Dewart and Jennifer Devlin are working with Michelle Clarke and Katherine Gale and Liz Bruen to provide a stimulating training programme at the BSGE ASM in Wales. For the first time, there will be a CNS training day on Tuesday for the pre-congress, that’s been confirmed. Work in progress to develop the program, so watch this space!

Nurse and Paramedic subcommittee

Deb Panes: Endometriosis Nurses

It is a pleasure to introduce myself as the Endometriosis Nurse Specialist representative on the newly formed paramedic sub-committee.  I have been in post as an Endometriosis Nurse Specialist since 2014 and I am fortunate to work alongside a team of dedicated specialists at St Michaels Hospital, Bristol.  After the launch of the RCN publications in 2015 and 3 years of BSGE Endometriosis Nurse training sessions at the ASM, it is now time to reignite the development of the CNS role.  There continues to be disparities in the application of the role nationally and many nurses face local challenges in setting up services and conflicts between the desire to provide high standards of care with a lack of resources including time to dedicate to the role.  I aim to support Wend-Rae Mitchell in moving forwards with the development of the nurse role and the provision of a consistent approach to the care of women with endometriosis.


Caroline Bell: Hysteroscopy Nurses

It is an honour to be the Nurse hysteroscopist on the paramedic sub-committee. I have motivation to enhance the nurse hysteroscopy profile and increase its contribution to teaching and scientific activities. This includes BSGE meetings, local teaching and networking, supporting guidelines and protocols. I have contributed to setting up the one stop clinic, nurse led hysteroscopy and rethinking post- menopausal bleeding. It is my passion to help raise a national awareness of this common problem, recognising it at different levels, help and early recognition. It is my ambition to look at the variation across the country in helping women with this problem and other period problems. Please contact me via

Liz Bruen: Theatre Nurses and ODPs

We are very fortunate to have Liz Bruen on the subcommittee. Liz wears ‘many hats’ as an advanced practitioner, and therefore is ideally placed to represent theatre nurses and ODP’s who’s growing membership and interest in the association is very encouraging.  I know Liz already has thoughts regarding their introduction into the multidisciplinary work that we are all involved in. I wish to take this opportunity to thank Deb, Liz and Caroline for volunteering to join the subcommittee and look forward to working together to benefit both our members and influence patient care.

Please get involved and let us know what you want from the portfolio. We will continue to update the website page on a regular basis so please do forward your thoughts and ideas to the committee.

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