Membership Relations and Editor of The Scope

Funlayo Odejinmi ‘Jimi’

Editor of the Scope and Membership Relations Portfolio Chair

The Scope and Member Relations team successfully published the landmark tenth edition of the “Scope” in August 2018. It was my first edition, taking over from Shaheen Khazali who created the newsletter.

The Scope highlighted the success of the 2018 ASM in Scotland, and as it was the edition after the election and the presidential address, it also thanked outgoing members and council officers and introduced the new members and the new portfolio configuration

With regret in this edition we announced the passing away of Alan Gordon and highlighted his invaluable contributions to the foundation of the BSGE and his role as the first president. You can see a copy of this edition and all past Scopes here on the website.

The next issue will be released in January, and we are always looking for interesting stories, reviews and pictures from members. Please get in touch if you have anything that will inform, interest or entertain members. We would like to hear from BSGE members who attend other international or local relevant meetings. Please share your experiences with other Society members through the Scope.

Membership Relations

One of the tasks of the Membership Relation Chair is to organise and put together a survey of members. This was last carried out by Tom Ind in 2017. The survey highlighted the fact that the members who responded were very appreciative of the activities of the BSGE including




Associate membership of the AAGL and the ESGE along with its benefits

The journal Gynecological Surgery

International membership affiliations with the BSGE

As reported in the last Scope, Shaheen Khazali will oversee the introduction of a new class of BSGE overseas member. We will report on his progress over the next weeks and months. The next survey will be carried out soon, and following member feedback will be shorter and easier to complete.


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