Pre-Congress Courses at BSGE ASM20 Manchester

Pre-congress courses will be held prior to the start of BSGE ASM20 on Wednesday, 22nd April, organised by the BSGE and Local Organising Committee on a variety of subjects. The pre-congress workshops offer an opportunity to learn various procedures and tips and tricks from some of the best practitioners in the country. The format is based on working in small groups of 2 to 3 with a mentor using simulation and practical models.

Course 1: BSGE GESEA Exams

The BSGE in collaboration with the ESGE runs the Gynaecological Endoscopy Education and Assessment (GESEA) Programme in the UK. This is a structured training programme set up by the ESGE and the European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery.

Course 2: Robotic-Assisted Surgery Workshop

This BSGE pre-congress workshop offers trainees hands-on experience with the da Vinci Xi surgical system. The workshop is surgeon-led, and will offer small groups a high level of interaction. With tuition on set-up, suturing, dissection, and other core skills applicable to robotic-assisted surgery, the workshop will utilise dry lab and simulation models.

Course 3: Hysteroscopy Workshop

For nurses, consultants and trainees in gynaecology who are interested in hysteroscopy. The workshop will offer hands on training in both diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy. Training will be delivered by some of the best experts in the country.

Course 4: Endometriosis Nurse Workshop

The Nurse and Paramedic subcommittee are delighted to offer the first Endometriosis nurse pre-congress training day. This initiative is aimed at addressing the balance between the current nurse hysteroscopy and endo nurse training offered by the BSGE.

Course 5: RIGS Intermediate Laparoscopic Course

This intensive practical simulation course is arranged jointly by BSGE-RIGS. The aim of the course is to cover key operative laparoscopic requirements within the RCOG curriculum. These include laparoscopic salpingectomy, ovarian cystectomy, oophorectomy and retrieval of specimens.


The British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy wishes to express its sincere gratitude and appreciation to the following companies for the continuing support of the society and confirming their packages for BSGE ASM 2020, Manchester.

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